Skinny Swag Mixtape

by RoosterJake

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Another mixtape made at The Space in South City, St. Louis, MO. All live sampling and rapping done by Rooster Jake Cohen. Big thanks to everyone who actually played instruments and came up with musical ideas for the OG Beets used for sampling. Goodie Mob, Barely Free, Seymour Justice, The Human Beatbox and Mugshot are the shit.


released May 27, 2014

RoosterJake - All Words, Samples and ERRTHANG. D I ME
Cover Photo - Jim McGowin




RoosterJake Missouri

Rooster Jake Cohen performed solo as Barely Free in a set of the sort of music he might have as part of the beat for the hip- hop version of the outfit. And there was something great about seeing a guy wearing a Larry Bird jersey, a Moog hat, jean shorts and oddly patterned leggings manipulating samples, operating what looked like a modular synth and otherwise creating noisy yet melodic atmospheres ... more

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Track Name: Rooster and Goodie Mob - Dirty South City
whatchu know about the dirty south?
Track Name: Rooster and Fat Boys - #SKINNYSWAG
GaRY Looks like the Jack Sikma of Rap.
Track Name: Rooster and Mugshot - Ballad of Joe Rose
shoulders in stride
colt 45
if i coulda saw, i'd've swore he's alive
not certified, but that ain't alive
that's what it looks like when it ain't right inside

people ask questions, they want to know answers
1. live how you want
2. anxiety's cancer

anxiety in cities, anxiety in streets
i'm tired of anxiety, tired of the heat
i tried to repeat what i saw but i couldn't
you could take a walk over there but i wouldn't

i'm so skinny, i might snap in two
and i don't even know who i'm rappin to
but honey, i ain't really got no money
how bout a head start?
you could take off running

grrl, i don't need to be the geek in yr life
but i'll give you the best freakin week of yr life
and where the hell is Jeebus?
the meek are in strife
what's that smell?
i think there's a leak in the pipes