Baseball Mixtape

by RoosterJake

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released May 13, 2016




RoosterJake Missouri

Rooster Jake Cohen performed solo as Barely Free in a set of the sort of music he might have as part of the beat for the hip- hop version of the outfit. And there was something great about seeing a guy wearing a Larry Bird jersey, a Moog hat, jean shorts and oddly patterned leggings manipulating samples, operating what looked like a modular synth and otherwise creating noisy yet melodic atmospheres ... more

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Track Name: Seinfeld's Stolen Bass
bumpba-bum-bum-bum-bum bum, nyahn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh (repeat)
Track Name: Baseball Blooperz

baseball bloopers
and flat earth truthers
shootin in the booth at real life storm troopers
its not a movement
"its not even music"
"yr too weird dude and it seems like you've loosed it"
new age emoji terminology
and parents and school and useless psychology
freud, chode
choice, pro, swole ego
knowin future snowpeople
a miracle couldnt save us
savin up for a bus
out of touch with an invalid opinion
slicing onions
sometimes crying
oh well
Track Name: Boarding School Baseball Game in Canada

i can only tell you care when our eyes meet
my eyes get big when i get my hands on a prized beat
like i see
what is worth bein better for
i only rap so i can formulate metaphors
and settle scores
like buckets
un deux trois quatre cinq six sept
times 4 no more childhood left
and maybe some people think they feel sorry for me
sorry to see or say that they arent what i need
or is it
isnt? switch it up to confuse the inference
reference messes
tests and lessons
everybody throw they hands!
where ya wanna
i might blow
dont know when im gonna
not waitin
not hatin
but i cant wait til shit changes
age aint nothin but:
the amount of time something exists
or a cultural period marked by the prominence
of a particular item
just a couple quick ways to define it
not really a rhyme
but i thought i'd try it
got friends not alive
and friends who don't buy shit
skypin wit a dime from the isle of cyprus
cinderblock blues and rivertown biases
an alias of an alien i met while i was flyin kites in wind
yo, where's the pigs, just wanna say i hate yall
at the Cape with a beer made with malt
and my date saw a red deer, sprawled
dead on its side and i said it was weird
sippin perrier
slippin cares away
drinkin hot espresso
thought i had money but where'd that check go?
and whats the location of my keys?
most waited patient but not these sly thieves
dry heaves, dry leaves, gasoline a revived thylacine
those are extinct! but it kinda makes you think
like sittin on the brink of the dock of a sinkhole
new color schemin, green, pink and gold
new rhyme schemin, look lean and be old
and hey Mr. King, we gon need yr throne
or at least a living wage, throw a freakin bone
Track Name: Cardinals 3, Me 0, in 10 innings

readin blake wit no brakes
break me off a piece of that
cake, drake
talk like a baller, really a fake
flake, Jake flow more water than the great lakes
make a crack in the system
rake in rays at the bay for babe's sake
do the saint louis shake
on the low like a snake
or a stake for bloodsuckers eatin all steak
take what you need, rest and then wake
dream of escape routes when we
wit backaches & beefcakes
i'm eatin vegan cheesecake
at a clambake
wit a cupcake
back to the lab wit my lads by daybreak
so much music we got earaches
make the bass pound like an
holiday fruitcake
and a too limp handshake
got a headache from all this mistaken heartbreak
intake wisdom
jailbreak freedom
keepsakes, keep em
for Pete and Pete's sake, beat em, drink their milkshake
make a mistake
change yr namesake
as soon as the newsbreaks
everything's opaque
this is an outbreak
i made you a pancake
you asked for a remake
she's big as a shortcake
everyone their own snowflake
everyday, belly ache
going away birthday cake
always on a coffee break
or at home watchin double take
yeah everything's give and take
not everythinng's make or break
you can take but dont overtake
rappers like to patty cake
i'm more like a rattlesnake
but still got the shake n bake
you give me a stomachache
like burgers from Steak n Shake
man, i need to take a break
but now im so wide awake
do good for goodness sake
so can you gimme a break?
ive rarely jumped in the lake
we drove out east
got used to this place
one long prose piece
life with roosterjake