Mokabe's Mixxx

by Rooster

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This is a mixtape i made for the most awesome yob in the entire world!
I'm paraphrasing here, but i think it was God Herself that said, "yo, do you think Mokabe's is hiring?" Shouts to all my peoples there, you freakin know who ya freakin are. The mixtape was all fun and games, written mostly about strange happenings around Mokabe's, to rap songs you somehow can't hear me blaring in the kitchen til you walk back there. I'm the happiest dishwashin foodrunnin janitor that ever did live, and for that, since i can't afford a diamond so big it'll make 'em puke, i stuck with what i'm okay at: RAP. Because really, while i try to keep up with all of you talking about all these interesting subjects and all i can think about is how Murphy Lee is a way better rapper than Nelly. And when i get off, and i wanna forget about every wet napkin in a cup and potato chip crushed into the goddamn carpet upstairs, i Rap and i write and i listen and get motivated to reach some balance. Then i stop and go to bed. Anyday i do this i feel like a fucking rich person. i don't even know what that means.
i recorded this all at The Space, a creative palace, an artist's enclave, the very most important aspect for one with a (somewhat intense) creative motor is The Space to use it when it's bustin like a squirrel lookin for a nut or what's that dumbass rhyme again?
anyway, in the end, my buddy Jeremy Nature Boy Strootman just has better recording equipment, ya know software and hardware and underwear and all that. so i dropped vocals in his basement and he helped me layout the artwork cuz for an artist i can be quite archaic.
Love and Thanks to all my coworkers and all that.
if you don't like it or it sounds shitty, make your fuckin own and don't hate. i really don't care, it was SO FUN


released February 11, 2014

Rooster Jake - Idea, Arrangement, Recording, Writing, Sampling, Rapping, Picture Selection, Dishwashing, Foodrunning, Trivia Host
Jeremy Nature Boy Strootman - Bad Trip Studios, Distribution




RoosterJake Missouri

Rooster Jake Cohen performed solo as Barely Free in a set of the sort of music he might have as part of the beat for the hip- hop version of the outfit. And there was something great about seeing a guy wearing a Larry Bird jersey, a Moog hat, jean shorts and oddly patterned leggings manipulating samples, operating what looked like a modular synth and otherwise creating noisy yet melodic atmospheres ... more

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Track Name: Working in a Dream
"i go out walkin, after midnight"
so skinny, i might snap in two
and i don't even know who i'm rappin to
but honey, i ain't really got not money
how bout a head start? you could take off running
grrrl, i don't need to be the geek in yr life
but i'll give ya the best freakin week of yr life
and where the hell is jeebus? the meek are in strife
i think there's a leak in the pipes
but we look nice
notta fan of that Hannah Montana, but i'm white
tall, skinny redhead in tights, and i hate to say it, but i'm just yr type
grrrl, i don't need to be the geek in yr life
but i'll give ya the best freakin week of yr life

my one homie calls it smokabeez
my other homie tells you a joke for free
i remember the first time Mo spoke to me
prolly went home and smoked some some some

something to hold, or someone to hug?
got hips to shake, and shoulders to shrug
angry coffee served with a mean mug
sacks to the helmet, call me T-Suggs
the champs of the amps, diggin through samples
in a B-Boy stance wit 2 hands on the handle
drinkin down sorrow
same thing tomorrow
holdin food court
call me sbarro
pizzas and pastas, wheezin like rastas, i get it free, for you it'll cost ya
maybe 5 bucks, shit out of luck, yeah we stick up cuz we feel kinda stuck. givin two fucks, one's for my fam, another's for friends
do you know who i am?
i think ya kinda do
i'm that guy in the back in tights
i work here
you mighta seen me on okcupid
"lame i frequent the blocks that i'm known to rock, you hear the b@ss from the trunk when i'm on the block"
Track Name: Tip if You Hip
Don't Forget to pay your tabs.
Tip if You Hip

Man i gotta job i can chill in the back and rap at
i wake up thankful, so thankful in fact that:
"i'm gonna buy you a diamond so big, it's gonna make you puke"
if ya gotta throw up, you should go to the men's room:
you can get felt up or make claims with a pen dude
please take yr sharpies somewhere else!
this ain't the place for yr cries for help!
and no offense henry, but help not wanted
he stormed out the door, looked back and he grunted
just then the weird runner just took off jogging
i'm surprised more 40-somethings don't come here for Pogging
remember Pogs? Slammers?
Here at Mokabe's, we really try to mind our manners
and you can never mind our banter
the Gift of the Gab like a talking black santa
it's clear we don't care, Terry's in the back with a Beard with No Hair!
Tip If You Hip. Tip if You Hip.
I'm at the bar, like, "YALL TAKE EBT?"
Reeny winked, "this coffee drink's on me"
i went home and checked my okcupid
well oh hey cuz i'm so damn stupid
cuz i thought it would work
now i'm in the back actin like a jerk
in my tight pants
have you ever seen me do my little dance?
Track Name: John Facebook Kennedy
"a woman who had almost formed a healthy sense of self joined social media"
"and an area man can remember exactly where he was and what he was doing when he assassinated JFK"
John Facebook Kennedy

Rooster, he shot all the presidents
that's why he be actin so hesitant
the same South Side City resident
talkin hippie shit like a resin hit
i'm So St. Louis like a One-Way Street
or Murphy Lee comin in for Sunday Eats
some say Too Short, some say Skeet
some play fair and some they cheat
gotta thing for the sweets, now i'm eatin Steve's treats
get weak in the knees and won't sleep for three weeks
sometimes i come up to eat for cheap
never know who ya might see or meet
time to go, time to get on ya feet
as for this rhyme, it ends with a bleep
like what the bleep?
time to go home and sleep, count some sheep
Track Name: Rooster and Barely Free - Yeah Sure, Who Cares?
Just back here doin some dishes
Soap & water, and they all got crushes on both the daughters
and i know i ain't supposed to've thought them thoughts
and all the cofffee bought, in search of a look at the sights we sought
so we sit and kill winter with soup and a spoon
9/11 jokes, too late or too soon?
my last boss told me to "never forget"
and i won't repeat what i told him when i quit
Rooster, i'm known to be smokin a bit
and i don't even know where i'm goin with this
yeah, sure, who cares?
i'm out here somewhere, tryin to be somewhere else
low health, go stealth
Track Name: Living Alone
Mudslides and Mochas, be what i'm supposed to
veagn sausage, egg yolkas, watch me do my, do my polka
dance, stuck inside a trance
snow leopard tight pants, pickin up chicks: fat chance
stuck alone in my b-boy stance
arms strong like i'm Lance
i'm so dope, worked so hard, now i'm broke and i'm told
that my folk like to play folk, jokin around, time to smoke
sittin outside on the Daddio Patio
nothin to do so ya know that we had to go
drivin up Arsenal, nowhere to park it
"can't afford to shop at the Farmer's Markets"

and Nelson Mandela became the 1st politician to be missed

we don't cry over spilt soymilk
go grab a mop in a Groundskeeper Willie kilt
this for Doug, Steve, Shelby and Maddie
and Shonta and Dale, and Kelly quit laughing!
Terry, John, Reeny, Hulee and Mo
and the guy who just ordered his food to go!

Cook up a fresh grilled cheese,
a Who Needs Meat No Cheese times 3
Green Onions, Feta, on top of Hummus
wonderin what else do they want from us?
Aiko and whitefolk, we light smokes
i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy you might know
trivia, Wednesdays, 8PM
and if ya didn't know you can see Jake then
Track Name: Ay Yo Mo
in Saint Louis, Missouri, we say "Ay Yo Mo"
and at Mokabe's we say, "Ay Yo Mo"

Ay Yo Mo, how ya doin? it's ya son now
and uh, his name is John, he put the drugs down
and he's tryin to do some things that'll make ya proud
instead, everytime they call it's for Winter Outreach
("always smell like cigarettes")
and we smell like cigarettes and we sit at the bar and we textin
sometimes i wanna come up and sit next to ya
put my arm around yr shoulder and say, "Ay Mo, can i go out to Boulder?"
for a few days, and make a few treys
and come back, and be real playful
and we stay, we stay full
off all the food that you gave us
("always smell like cigarettes")
go out for a smoke break
and i don't know, maybe make up a joke late
it's late, like it's late, it's late
("always smell like cigarettes")
we'll be smokin at the bar tonight
cuz tonight we work til the midnight hour

Ay Yo Mo, Ay Yo Mo

then Nelly raps on my mixtape!
Track Name: Drank (Coffee)
Po Up: Drank (Coffee)
Headshot: Drank (Coffee)
sit down: Drank (Coffee)
stand up: Drank (Coffee)
pass out: Drank (Coffee)
wake up: Drank (Coffee)
faded: Drank (Coffee)
faded: Drank (Coffee)

why you babysittin only 2 or 3 shots of espresso?
grrrl, you such a mess, oh
Swimming Pool fulla Coffee
Swimming Pool fulla Coffee
Track Name: ROOSTER - My Homies
My Homies, My Homies,
Mokabe's My Homies
My Homies My Homies
Mokabe's Homies

he talkin like a snitch, NO THAT AINT MY HOMIE
he trippin off a bitch, MOKABES MY HOMIES
take a take a case, THATS MY HOMIES
Track Name: Don't Kill My Vibe
Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe
I am a sinner, who's prolly gonna sin again
and y'all forgive me for being just who i am
Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe

Maybe i could Poke yr Hondas
write upside down like my man Jack Klompus
bent over vaccuums, crackin up in the backroom
i might need a snack soon, gotta clean up the bathrooms
look inside of my soul, you'd find a Rooster
used to work at Lindbergh and Scheutz, err
playin Basketball with 5 yr olds
go to CBGB, i like my beer cold
they serve em up luke warm
we'll be servin up coffee til after the nuke storm

I am a sinner, who's prolly gonna sin again
and y'all forgive me for being just who i am
Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe

The Mokabe's Mixxx
You Better Knock on Wood
Bad Trip Studios
I go out walkin after midnite
this just the type of shit i get into